"The Businessman"
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Koos de Wilt
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Koos de Wilt graduated as a private law jurist from Erasmus University Rotterdam, practiced law briefly, then transitioned to media and communication. After obtaining an art history degree at 36, he became a director of a cultural institution. With a background in law and art history and experience in both business and culture, he approaches the world from various perspectives. He creates diverse media, from books to documentaries, often exploring intersections between different realms such as art, leadership, peace, security, and climate. His projects often sit at the crossroads of these worlds, delving into what motivates and moves people. For the past two decades he has worked independently as a concept developer, media maker, journalist, writer, speaker and presenter. He guest lectures at several universities and colleges and is the author of (management) books about Rembrandt.

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45 min / 15 min
English, Dutch
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About this leqture:

We know Rembrandt as a painter and do not immediately think of him as a 'businessman'. However, the reality was far from this. Rembrandt has a story that often remains underexposed, full of intrigue, brutality and tough negotiations. As an entrepreneur, he knew exactly what was in demand and he continued to innovate himself. In this session, Koos de Wilt takes you on a journey back to the 17th century where our most important Dutch master of that time continued to confront problems in his own way.

Over deze leqture:

We kennen Rembrandt als schilder en denken niet meteen aan hem als ‘zakenman’. Maar niets is minder waar. Rembrandt heeft een verhaal wat vaak onderbelicht blijft, vol intriges, brutaliteit en keiharde onderhandelingen. Als ondernemer voelde hij haarfijn aan waar vraag naar was en hij bleef zichzelf innoveren. Koos de Wilt neemt je mee op reis terug naar de 17e eeuw waar onze belangrijkste Hollandse meester van die tijd steeds opnieuw, op zijn eigen manier, problemen het hoofd bleef bieden.

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